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Reduce costly delays with our international “ECM goes to Market” service Do you want to reach the world with your products and reduce time to market? Use ECM Direct – our international “ECM go to market” service – to make sure you get access to all the relevant international markets.
Why choose ECM Direct? Market access is essential to every international business, and it is more complicated than just choosing your sales channels. You also have to comply with a number of national regulatory requirements. These may stop your product from being sold in some national markets. Alternatively, they may cause costly delays.
With ECM Direct the approval process goes fast and smooth. As a result, you can reduce time to market and prevent loss of revenue.
What do you get? Networking and know-how is everything when you want to access markets with complex regulations. Our international approval experts will take care of all the extensive paperwork. They will also contact the correct officials for the country in question to get your products approved for national markets all over the world.
Other relevant service areas Start the approval process with our world class testing services. Follow up with our seamlessly integrated certification services. This provides the foundation for any further international approval service.
Use ECM go to market service for almost any product.

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