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Aid the Children
Share with us a message of hope : when we work for you, also you support the project Across the World
Every child has the right to education. Let’s rewrite the Future, a global challenge
Every child has the right to education. The individual benefits are many, including the ability to live a life full of opportunities and dignified. Even the society benefices of it. Education contributes to lower rates of maternal and infant mortality, to prevent the spread of disease and to fight poverty. The school indeed protects children, being in a safe place to learn concepts on peace and civil coexistence, away from the violence and atrocities.
Our campaign Across the World focuses on the actions required to provide education to these children, and shows that effective solutions are possible, even in the most unimaginable situations.
Mission Our projects include a series of actions depending on the context : we work with displaced children by offering them educational opportunities, we build and renovate schools, we provide remedial courses and accelerated learning classes for children, we reinsert child soldiers and children being object of sexual abuses, we provide educational material, we offer training for teachers, we ensure physical and psychological protection for children.
The road is still long, but we are certain to accomplish our goals and to help to rebuild the future of thousands of children



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