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Assessment and second party verification
Nowadays, manufacturers must adapt their management system in order to meet the needs of the market, improving their competitiveness and value.
Save your company valuable time and money by involving ECM early in the product development process, through our services of assessment and second party verification.
ECM's assessment and second party verification service includes:
  • Planning assessment and audit activities in order to give visibility throughout the entire production cycle
  • Team of experts with experience in a large range of fields
  • End-to-end verification process to keep high standards of quality and to comply regulatory requirements
Why second party verification?
  • Reduce risk during testing process
  • Ensure that your product development process is on track
  • Avoid non-conformities monitoring the production process step by step
Whether you are a product designer, manufacturer and/or distributor, our compliance engineers and regulatory experts will provide you with:
  • Extensive knowledge of latest national and international regulatory requirements
  • Application of directives
  • Professional review of your documentation
Where will your product be marketed?
  • In which countries or geographical regions do you want your product to be sold? Do these markets have special regulations and requirements?
Do you have specific customer requirements?
  • You may experience specific requirements from your customers, which are in addition to national and international standards and directives?
    From product design, prototype testing, through to production and market launch you can rely on ECM to guide you past all regulatory requirements !

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