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Certificate Verification
ECM offer a simple and free certificate validation service. Anyone who wishes to check the validity of an ECM certificate is kindly demanded to use our Online Certificate Verification service.
Please enter the full code in the here below box.
Nobody is authorized to issue certificates in our name nor on our behalf.
All genuine certificates issued by ECM are created at our head office in Italy and issued directly to the applicant. Importers and buyers of products destined for Europe should be extremely careful and check the validity of certificates before purchase. ECM are committed to increasing quality and the safety of products destined for Europe and believe that forged certificates are potentially putting persons at risk of injury and the manufacturer and importer at risk of supplying non-compliant products.
Online Verification To verify the certificate simply enter the code of the certificate and sends the request. If the information is connected to a valid certificate, the certificate will be displayed.
Forged and Invalid Certification ECM are aware of an increased number of forged ECM certificates relating to some European Directives. These certificates have been issued by companies in China who claim to be acting on behalf of ECM.
ECM are currently investigating a number of cases of such forged certificates and will take action against any companies found to be issuing certificates without authority.
Please find here below the list of the discovered forged Certificates.
This list is not complete nor exhaustive. In order to protect the market and to keep updated the present list, anyone having information, suspicions of forged certificates, please notify us.



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