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Certification (Notified Body n°1282)
Certification is the process of certifying that a certain Product or System have passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meet qualification criteria reported in Directives, Regulations, or Schemes.
Understanding ECM Certification : all over the world, the markets associate this particularity with safety, reliability and quality. ECM assesses and certifies the fulfillment of legal requirements and voluntary standards : our portfolio of experienced experts and auditors guarantees the highest level of competence in the certification of Product as well as Systems. With an independent Certificate from ECM, our customers enjoy an objective and respected Certificate for the markets, cooperation partners and consumers, which means that they benefit from both the outward portrayal and the optimization of internal processes. In addition, we also stand by and support companies and organizations from all sectors with our comprehensive know-how.
ECM is globally recognized as a leading independent Certification Body, providing services for a wide range of products (for both mandatory and voluntary certification) and approval schemes. ECM’s distinctive light blue circle mark is instantly recognized by buyers and consumers everywhere as a symbol of quality and safety.



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