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Gold Manufacturer
How it works Gold Supplier is the highest and most premium level of conformity that helps maximize your company's compliance exposure and selling opportunities.
By holding a Certificate showing in it the Gold Manufacturer distinguishing mark and being your company displayed in our website, you can generate more inquiries than a Manufacturer holding a no Gold Manufacturer Certificate. Gold Manufacturer Membership can also benefit your business by being present in our website, exclusive assistant and buyers support. Seize this opportunity to meet millions of buyers worldwide.
Effectiveness Business
  • Manufacturer Overview In this section you have here the opportunity to introduce your company, your assets, your products and advantages.
    The market you serve, your production capabilities…
  • Display of the certified products In this section you have here the opportunity to display the certified products.
  • Buyers Requests Buyers here can immediately contact the Gold Manufacturer. In this way Gold Manufacturers catch the interest of the Buyers, shortening time of communication and speeding up the purchasing process.
Maximum Compliance Exposure When buyers search for products on the market, the products of Gold Manufacturers will enjoy a greater chances to be chosen and to be at the top of buyers preferences. This gives Gold Manufacturer products maximum compliance exposure and significantly increases the likelihood of Gold Manufacturer receiving orders from a buyer.
  • Certificate & Test Reports Here you conquer the trust and confidence of Buyers around the world. In this section you have here the opportunity to maximize the exposure of the compliance of your products by offering to Buyers the chance of viewing your Certificate and Test Reports.
  • Additional Compliance Mark As a Gold Manufacturer your products, depending on their nature, will be gifted with additional Compliance Mark of ECM to enforce the compliance and credibility of your products : the best way to convince Buyers.
  • Gain Buyer Trust Faster Be the first to be contacted by buyers, being a Gold Manufacturer. Increase buyer confidence being a Gold Manufacturer, as over 85% of buyers prefer to do business with Gold Manufacturer only. All Gold Manufacturer gain immediate trust as a legitimate and serious trading partner
  • A.R. – Authorized Representative An (EU/EC) European Authorized Representative (A.R.) is a natural or legal person established in the EU who, explicitly appointed by a non-European manufacturer, acts on his behalf in carrying out certain tasks required in the applicable directives. The A.R. MUST be indicated in the Declaration of Conformity issued by the Manufacturer. Your Gold Manufacturer status include this service

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