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  • 15.06.17 “Green Certification” and sustainable economic development
    The G7 for Environment, that was held last week in Bologna, has just concluded. Representatives of Italy, UK, Germany, France, Japan, USA and Canada – with many other host countries, have met each other to discuss on environmental sustainability and fight against pollution.
    Among the issues under discussion, participants also talked about sustainable finance, an extremely actual and interesting topic.

    As the Environment Italian Minister Gian Luca Galletti said, “G7 represents the perfect forum in which to program a more sustainable future” and it represents an opportunity to focus on common international objectives, such as sustainable economic growth and green finance.

    More often, manufacturers must re-consider certification processes of their production, in order to be more competitive on the global market and to guarantee “green” products, environmentally sustainable. In particular, Green Certification is about resource management, reducing waste, energy efficiency and many other areas of intervention which directly concern production system performances and the environmental impact.
    The green turn of the production, through the adoption of secure and efficient environmental management systems, represents a business tool that offers many opportunities to companies, by making a competitive advantage on international market and optimizing costs.

    Ente Certificazione Macchine always believes that innovation and attention to market’s changes are fundamental elements for economic system development and progress. As accredited certification body, we have issued a new certification for machinery and equipment, which could guarantee the respect for the environment, in such sustainable way.



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