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    Customs Detentions: why trust an accredited Certification Body In the last few years, cause of an exponential expansion of global economy and  interchanges on international market, custom detections are getting stricter on import/export. As every government has its own rules in matter of international business, it is necessary be in order with the right documentation to get through the customs inspections.
    In our business, we are often contacted as Notified Body and Accredited Testing Laboratory by importing or exporting companies, in order to assess the compliance of products, detained by the Customs cause of irregularities – such as products without the CE Marking.
    Therefore, before proceeding with import/export activities, it is necessary an in-depth verification of the required documents issued by a competent Certification Body, in order to comply all the regulations in force in the destination country. This documentation represents a ticket to international market and it is essential to let the products pass the customs inspections. Beyond the consequent delays and the economical inconveniences for the exporting companies, in case of heavy irregularities, it is possible incurring in serious penalties.
    In order to avoid these situations, it is recommended to address a Certification Body such as Ente Certificazione Macchine, which is able to assess and certificate your products and machineries for international market, assisting you in the making of required documentation, assuring a safe and smooth placing of your products on the market, according with the law and respecting the established timing.
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