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    ECM for Medical Devices – Now it is operative the headquarters in the USA! Following the establishment of important collaborations in Iran and India, now the business of ECM for the evaluation and certification of medical devices is expanding also in the United States!
    As a result of the accreditation achieved as Notified Body for the Medical Devices Directive – in addition to the many other accreditations already consolidated, in last months Ente Certificazione Macchine increased its activities of audit and test in the field of medical devices, according to the requirements imposed by the international regulations.

    Since the beginning of the year, we have consolidated our partnership with important foreign certification bodies with which we’ve been working for many years, in particular with Zenith for the indian market and Nobel Certification for Iran, extending our core business also to the medical devices field. Now our activities arrives also to the American market, where ECM provided a specific dislocated headquarter and a highly qualified staff. Going through our offices in Miami, it will be possible enjoy of all services provided by ECM.

    In order to get an idea of the different needs coming from international market, in the last few days we have hosted in Valsamoggia the new Sales Manager who will take care of ECM core business dedicated to medical devices in the United States. During their visit in Italy, these new resources have acquired more specific competences and they were able to give their personal contribution, in order to better understand the differences between the European market and the American market. Thanks to this exchange, ECM is able to offer services more and more complete and focused on the specific needs of each client.

    In the photo: Luca Bedonni – Head of ECM services, Andrea Secchi – ECM CEO, Vanessa Biavati and Lorenzo Graziosi – Heads of ECM Medical Device Division and the three new Sales Agent that will take care of American market – Alex, Kristy and Niisha.

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