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    ECM is the only Certification Body in the world except China,able to accomplish the whole CCC Certification process! ECM will assist you with fast CCC Mark Certification for China - included test lab and audit by ECM!
    In order to expand its services and to assure support and easy access to international markets, Ente Certificazione Macchine has finally obtained the authorization by the Chinese Government as first and only Certification Body in the world able to manage the full CCC Certification process,included Laboratory Tests and Auditing, made directly by ECM personnel.
    CCC Mark– China Compulsory Certification – is the mandatory certification since 2002 to import and sell products in the Chinese market. If a product doesn't obtain this mandatory certification required by Chinese government, the imported products should be held at the customs or send back to the sender. At the same way, a wrong and improper use of CCC Marking on not certificated products comes along with criminal penalties and fines. 
    The CCC Marking process is based on some essential activities, to make the product in compliance with the requirements imposed by Chinese regulations, such as laboratory tests and audit (inspections), made only by the chinese authorities until now. From now, Ente Certificazione Macchine became the one and only Certification Body in the world able to perform the whole certification process from the laboratory tests to the auditing, everything done by our ECM personnel!
    To know more about the CCC marking process, contact us at info@entecerma.it or our Sales Manager Gianluca Roero at gianluca.r@entecerma.it

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