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    Ente Certificazione Macchine exports its know-how in Korea! Following the recent success with the industrial South Korean giant Hyundai, ECM makes its services available to another leading company in Korean economy: KTL – Korea Testing Laboratory – successful organization specialized in research, testing and certification referring to product and industrial technology.
    As a result of the entry into force of new EU Directives, European Community establishes new conformity requirements to gain CE Certification. In order to achieve this attestation, ECM and KTL have established an important partnership to guarantee to customers  a full service of testing, assessment and certification. In that way, we are able to provide a set of activities for the purpose of attesting products or systems with both Korea Certification (KC) and European Certification (EC Mark).
    Look at this article, which attested our successful intervention at KTL http://www.liftfocus.com/technote/read.cgi?board=united_news&y_number=7285, edited by the famous Korean information web portal LiftFocus!

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