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    Tests from our Testing Laboratory! In our Testing Laboratory we are intensifying tests on shelters according to the standard UNI EN ISO 14120:2015, that concerns the general conditions for the design and construction of fixed and mobile shelters.
    More and more often in fact the market requires the respect of the standard, by carrying out tests to verify that shelters fulfil their purpose properly.
    In the last weeks, we have published the video of the “test of bullet”, implemented by a special equipment called “cannon”, to measure the resistance of protections to impacts coming from inside the danger zone.
    In this case, we wanted to simulate the force of the shelters to a possible expulsion of a broken part of the machine due to a malfunctioning, or of a piece of manufacture. Watch the video on YouTube!
    Tests have continued with the execution of the “test of pendulum”, used to test the resistance of shelters to impacts from the outside of the danger protected zone and from the inside. The test provides to simulate the impact of a body against the shelters to evaluate the resistance.
    As you see here, not always the shelters exceed the expected test results, so it is necessary for the manufacturers to perform appropriate tests on protections, in order to evaluate the conformity with standards and guarantee a quality product certificated in terms of safety to the market.
    Send an email to info@entecerma.it for more information about tests that our Accredited Laboratory can perform and on ECM services for factories!

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