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Test di Compatibilità Elettromagnetica nel nostro Laboratorio di Prova

Test di Compatibilità Elettromagnetica (EMC) sui dispositivi medicali in accordo alla Norma EN 60601-1-2:2015, eseguiti dal nostro Responsabile di Laboratorio Ing. Mirko Masotti. Nello specifi..


ECM e CICLOTTE – prosegue la partnership con il prestigioso luxury brand

Prosegue la partnership con il prestigioso luxury brand CICLOTTE e Ente Certificazione Macchine.  Ospitiamo nuovamente nel nostro Laboratorio di Prova l'Edizione Glass della bike di design p..


ECM makes tests and certifies Piquadro Trolley from BagMotic Collection

Also the prestigious internationally recognized company Piquadro addressed ECM testing laboratories! After having certificated Ciclotte – the innovative fitness bike, exposed at La Triennale in ..


ECM certifies Ciclotte – the innovative, design bike, made in Italy!

In the last weeks, our technicians carried out the required tests and evaluations to certify Ciclotte, the styling exercise bike which combines aesthetics, technology and fitness. Ciclotte is the d..


Impact Tests on guards by ECM Testing Laboratory

ECM Testing Laboratory follows to carry out tests on guards, according to standard UNI EN ISO 14120:2015. Here is an impact test to measure the strenght of the tested protection, conducted last week ..

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