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North America Program
ECM Safety Certification Program Do you plan to sell your products in North America? 
You live in a competitive world – you need to be first, you need to be fast, you need to be the best !!!!!
For manufacturers and importers of products in North America, it can be challenging to compete when it comes to placing products on the market. ECM can help you with your product certification.
ECM Safety Certification Program ECM process product certification applications for North America.
The United States has a federally mandated program for the safety of electrical products used in the workplace. This program is governed by OSHA and is called the NRTL program. The NRTL program is defined in the United States Federal Regulations, specifically Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1910.
Electrical safety is not regulated at the federal level in the US. Local jurisdictions known as Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) can impose additional requirements above and beyond the National Electrical Code. Testing and certification agencies are required, where applicable, to be directly recognized by the AHJ. NRTL recognition is often a pre-requisite to this acceptance.
Regulations for Canada Electrical and electronic apparatus covered by the Canadian Electrical Code must be certified to recognized product safety standards. The organizations that certify these products must be accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and recognized by Provincial Regulators as competent to certify products.
Provincial Regulators in Canada have agreed to participate in a common national system which greatly simplifies the acceptance of certified products for installation.
ECM Product Safety Certification Services Pre-Compliance
ECM offer pre-compliance to assist you in identifying any potential compliance issues during the product development phase which will help manage development costs.
Factory Inspections
Periodic factory inspections are a required part of these certification programs. ECM offer a coordination service which includes the administration to coordinate factory inspections covering multiple certification schemes to prevent redundancy and unnecessary costs.
Product Certification
ECM offers a bundled service for North America Safety Certification which means you will deal with one single point of contact.

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