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Increase safety and reduce risk with our product testing services.
From laboratory testing to regulatory compliance and beyond, advance the value and marketability of your products with testing and certification services from ECM.
As a supplier of world class products, you need to partner up with a world class supplier of testing services. Let our internationally organization of experts and labs make sure that risk and safety are well taken care of.

Ente Certificazione Macchine is Testing Laboratory (no.1515 L) accredited by Accredia DL according to the standard ISO/IEC 17025. See the ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Certificate. To see the complete list of tests for which ECM is accredited, visit the website www.accredia.it or see the List of Accredited Tests

Accreditation is the formal recognition of the Laboratory qualification to define features of a product and/or material, based on specific procedures. Accredia is the sole National Accreditation Body in Italy with authority to accord or revoke Testing Laboratories Accreditation, nationally. Accredia grants the accreditation to a Laboratory once technical and management competences fulfill all the requirements according to standard ISO/IEC 17025.
ECM offers independent, efficient, and cost-effective testing services that will expedite your market entry and reduce your business risk. Our testing expertise is rooted in a long history of success.  With a deep experience of product testing, we provide independent, responsive, and cost-effective testing services that help shorten your time-to-market, reduce risk, and enhance product value in the marketplace. We provide local testing services through our expansive network of global laboratories.Our global testing expertise includes troubleshooting, safety, quality control, research and development, design engineering and evaluation, prototype testing and validation, and product benchmark testing.

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