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ISO 14120 Crash test Typically, guards carry out two main functions: prevent people from accessing the danger area and containment i.e. prevent emission of machinery parts or liquid spillage, fumes etc. from within the protected area.
In order to validate guards design and construction according to the ISO 14120 standard and their application in situations in which there is the need to prevent access from outside the danger area and/or contain ejections from within the danger area, load tests need to be carried out as per the methods outlined below 
Impact strength i.e. resistance to impacts from outside the danger area (annex d2) The basic values for the verification of guards impact strength simulate a human body with a minimum total weight of 90 kilos which inadvertently crashes into the protection guards of a danger zone. The minimum speed of the sample weight must be set at 1.6 m/sec, which means that impact energy will be at least E=115 J.  The test employs the pendulum method as well as a “gun” (cannon ball) method.
We are equipped with both. 



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