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Testing Service
LVD It is mandatory to CE Mark products that fall within the scope of this Directive, to be supported by the correct documentation. The key component is the mandatory requirement for a Safety Test Report. Therefore, the LVD is a test directive and cannot be satisfied without subjecting the product in question to a structured test and assessment programme. Typically, this evaluation will be contained in one of the Harmonized (EN) Standards in support of the LVD.
The majority of electrical standards are concerned with the "Safety of Electrical Equipment" and not just "Electric Safety". Below is a list of hazards which the standards address:
  • Electric shock
  • Energy related hazards
  • Fire
  • Heat related hazards
  • Mechanical hazards
  • Radiation
  • Chemical hazards

ECM offers a well established safety test and assessment route to deliver the requisite test report to the manufacturer enabling them to fully complete their Technical File and sign the legally binding Declaration of Conformity with confidence.



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