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Noise To access the European market, machines for outdoor use must guarantee they do not exceed the maximum noise levels specified in Directive 2000/14/EC, in order to ensure the health and welfare of the population.
The Noise Emissions for Outdoor Equipment Directive sets different evaluation levels depending on the type of machine. Machine manufacturers or their representative in the European Union are responsible for evaluating the noise emissions through testing and by issuing the declaration of conformity and subsequent CE marking.
Our solution ECM offers testing services and technical assistance in accordance with Directive 2000/14 on noise emissions in the environment by equipment for use outdoors.
  • Measurements of the sound power level emitted by the machine
  • Identification and completion of the most appropriate conformity assessment procedures for the manufacturer:
    • Production control with an evaluation of the technical documentation (Annex VI)
    • Unit Verification (Annex VII)
    • Total quality assurance (Annex VIII)
  • Issuing the validity report for the technical documentation provided by the manufacturer.
  • Know the causes of the noise pollution produced by your products and minimize your equipment's environmental impact
  • Market your product throughout the European Union
  • ECM one stop shop to deal with the tests, audits and all the phases required for the conformity evaluation and CE marking of your product.

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