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Vendor Inspection
Qualifying and evaluating the suppliers can be the best solution to find the suitable business partner
In the international business and trading process, using an expert third party vendor inspection is a good solution to help you build up trustable business relationship with your vendors.
Vendor inspection may involve checking of a factory’s facility and quality control capability. Third party vendor inspection may help you choose the right vendor to build up business relationship with. In order to ensure the order complies with your specifications and delivery terms, vendor inspection may also be carried out to monitor the manufacturing process and assure compliance.
ECM have qualified and experienced personnel that can perform vendor inspection across different types of products.
Why use ECM for Vendor Inspection?
  • ECM is a global organization with a network of affiliations around the world.
  • ECM offer highly qualified personnel with an independent and neutral position, who act objectively and without bias to other parties involved.
  • If you are placing a valuable order abroad, you have to ensure that both the technical quality and delivery time are compliant with your specifications and needs.
  • Instead of spending your own time and incurring considerable travel expenses for this purpose, a sensible option is to engage ECM to check the competence and monitor the process on your behalf.
  • Localized ECM personel have good language skills and understanding of the culture, which may be of critical importance in many cases.
  • Even when you prefer to do inspection visits yourself, it may be wise to be assisted by local personnel, e.g. for preparations, support during your visit, and/or later follow-up.
Vendor Inspection services offered by ECM include the following:
  • Pre-qualification judgment of vendors
  • Evaluating the vendor’s capacity at the time of ordering
  • Technical inspection according to the client’s specification or referred standard
  • Performance or witnessing of tests
  • Final inspection before shipment/payment
  • Expediting according to the client’s delivery schedule
  • Documentation review
  • Checking of shipment arrangements
  • Approval of commissioning runs
Processing status and final reporting according to the client’s need.

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