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Verification of Compliance
ECM can issue Verification of Compliance, on voluntary bases, to attests compliance of your product to relevant directives.
The ECM Verification of Compliance demonstrates your credibility to the market and it maximizes the Compliance’s exposure of your products. To provide that credibility, ECM maintains extensive global competences and capabilities for our testing and compliance verification services. As the global markets keep growing and expanding, there are more consumers seeking safe, reliable products. With both international and local proficiency, ECM brings the qualifications you need to get your products in front of the right eyes. We offer compliance verification programs. ECM assists and maintains products’ safety and performance features. Our leadership and expertise in applicable Directives, Standards keep your products ahead of changes and challenges.
Why chose Verification of compliance from ECM?
  • As the potential consequences of not complying with the Standards may be substantial, many manufacturers want to involve a third party to verify their products really comply with the regulatory requirements.
  • In such cases ECM may issue a Verification of Compliance on voluntary basis, either based upon testing performed by ECM or by evaluation of already existing documentation.
  • Most commonly these attestations are issued according to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), the EMC Directive, the Machine Directive (MD)…. However since the number of directives increases many manufacturers also need assistance for the other product Directives
Through its expertise ECM can do the right verification in order for you to obtain the Verification of Compliance Certificate. Moreover EMC can perform the necessary product testing you need. ECM is the best partner for your compliance need

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